November 3, 2015
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suggestions for NFS NL mobile

didnt wanted to post it in general suggestions section, cause its only for this game.

1. if person skips the race using gold or tokens (skipping ones, green icon), then why would it also takes away fuel tanks/gas tanks? kinda not logic, cause skipping race itself doesnt need a fuel.... makes sense? skipping race is skipping race, pay with gold or tokens and thats it. no fuel tanks need to be taken away. more logic to me this way. not sure any devs will dig into this.

2. payment options using sms via mobile phone. not much comments needed here, its all clear just by mentioning this. such option would be great, of course, player gains and EA gains (money) would be different, cause some portion of payment money goes to companies that gives such payment plans/options but still it would make more people to get some stuff. I dont wana add my credit card to googleplay cause of security reasons, pretty much same as many people like me, they dont get anything for extra cause of this or other fears. sms - simple and fast.

3. unranked races. to try out new car!

4. RNG VS players system tune up. cause its just impossible to race in most cases. golf vs mustang gt... for real? system should be on ranking per car, not ranking on player vs player. so suggestion is to make each car its own rating system and then, use formula for cars power/player rating to get people to race against with. it would be more balanced and fair. not trying to chase F-16 with ford fiesta! :)))


  • remotettl
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    1. race positions could also be rng cause otherwise player, in campaign or rivals race, starts at end. when its extreme hard and car isnt in that good shape for race (becomes extreme difficulty), starting as last with 4 racers its just insanely ****. rng would help. sometimes first, sometimes last, then 3rd or 2nd on start line. constant 4th is just outlawish....

    2. laps mode. yes, this brings mode loading and resources but it would be fun. even in rivals mode. cause sometimes its just who has better car (engine, rp rating) wins no matter what... lap mode would make it more even cause then its longer races and its possible to make mistakes and it would even out a bit...

    3. race statistics to see what result was on races, like 7 days or maybe permament. win, loss, vs who etc.

    4. more achievements cause some people are really addicted to hunt them down and mostly plays just to get all of them. at the moment there is only 5 or7 in game...

    pretty sure none of devs reads this **** anyway, just pure idea throwing to wall where nothing sticks...
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